SiteGround Coupon Code 2020 : Get 70% OFF + Free Migration & SSL

Disclaimer: SiteGround doesn’t offer any coupon code or promo code. But they offer a site-wide flat 70% discount on their hosting plans. So, don’t get trapped with any SiteGround Coupon Code. The mentioned clearly about this on their official website read these details.


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How about welcoming 2020 by saving some good money ?? Are you looking for a reliable SiteGround discount or SiteGround coupon code to save some money while investing in a new hosting or renewing the old one at the discounted price? 

If your answer is "Yes". Then You have landed at the right page, here you are going to get access to SiteGround Deals.

You can be assured to receive the best discount on SiteGround hosting of your choice.

I am sure, no one will say no to an amazing deal where you can get the best hosting plan for a lucrative price. 

Why SiteGround?

If you are looking for a well established and reliable hosting provider, SiteGround is one credible choice. 

With SiteGround, you can take complete advantage of automated WordPress installation and create a user-friendly and functional site within a few minutes. 

The and you can also avail professional services for the same. 
migration is just a few clicks away

When it comes to the security of the sites, SiteGround guarantees nothing but the best. Additionally, you can avail services like automatically updating instances and plugins to the most recent version. 


The overall performance of SiteGround is incredible, you can experience the lightning-fast speed of websites and complete utilisation of the resource. 


It also includes CDN, image optimizations, front end, robust caching and lot more. 

SiteGround provides 100% uptime, there is a rare case when the uptime is 99.9%.

Additionally, it also provides the option to use the Cloudflare CDN for the website. 


Another best part is you get access to unlimited MYSQL database. Due to all these amazing features, SiteGround is highly recommended by WordPress as a credible hosting provider. 

Avail lucrative deals by making the best use of SiteGround coupons.

Top Features of SiteGround 

  1. WordPress expertization
  2. Lightning-fast speed
  3. Free SSL Certification
  4. Everyday automatic backups
  5. Single click migration
  6. Both server and application-level security
  7. The super-responsive team available for 24*7

SiteGround has the best hosting plans for everyone.

Be it a startup or a Prime hosting services, you can be assured to get the best.

SiteGround Coupon Code is what you need right now to avail of all these above mentioned amazing features.

Which SiteGround Plan You Should Choose?


SiteGround offers the best features to everyone at an affordable price. 

The plan can vary based on your needs and budget. What every maybe your plan, don?t forget to avail the excellent monetary benefit by making use of the SiteGround Coupons 2020. 

Here is the wide array of plan options at SiteGround, you can choose the one which fits your bill.

1. Shared Hosting

When It comes to shared hosting, there are 3 plans offered by SiteGround i.e. StartUp,GrowBig, GoGeek. The shared web hosting works well if you have a personal blog or a small startup business.  

a) StartUp Plan:

This shared hosting from SiteGround is ideal for 1 website. This plan is specially crafted for a great beginner's website and personal blog. 

This plan is available from $3.95 each month and for this price you get 10 GB of web space which can cater 10,000 visitors each month.

The Top Features Include:

  • Freebies like site builder,

  • HTTPS, 

  • SSL, 

  • CloudFare CDN, 

  • email account. 

  • Additionally, you get 24*7 support and 

  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 

The traffic is unmetered with unlimited MYSQL.

b) GrowBig Plan:

The GrowBig shared hosting plan from SiteGround is great for small business and even a startup. 

The plan is available for $5.95 each month. You can accommodate an unlimited number of websites and it provides 20 GB webspace.

 Apart from essential features similar to the StartUp hosting plan you can avail premium features.

The Premium Features Include: 

  • free of cost site transfer by trained professionals, 

  • excellent speed, 

  • on-demand backup and 

  • WordPress staging. 

c) GoGeek Plan:

This one is an ideal option for real web geeks available at $11.95 each month. Get 30 GB Webspace where you can accommodate an unlimited number of websites. 

Moreover, the GoGeek plan offers all essential and premium features.

In addition to it, get access to complete geeky features that include: 

  • the highest tier of server resources, 

  • single click Git Rep Creation, 

  • The white-label of website management and 

  • advanced level priority support.

2. WordPress Managed Hosting

If you are super comfortable with WordPress and are looking for reliable hosting, SiteGround fulfils all your needs and that too for a discounted price. 

Don?t miss to check out the SiteGround discount coupons. 

The Managed WordPress SiteGround hosting is robust and super simple to use, highly recommended for WordPress users.

a) StartUp Plan:

The StartUp WordPress managed hosting plan is available for $3.95 each month and it works for a simple personal blog or business website. 

The overall Web Space is 10 GB and it can cater 10000 visitors each month

This plan comes with exciting free features like: 

  • WP installation, 
  • WordPress migrator, 
  • SSL, 
  • HTTPs, 
  • Emails, 
  • Cloudflare CDN and 
  • everyday backup.

Moreover, you can also avail of other features like WordPress auto-updates, CLI, SSH, MYSQL DB, and unmetered traffic.

b) GrowBig Plan:

The GrowBig WordPress managed hosting plan from SiteGround is ideal for an unlimited number of WordPress sites. 

The 20 GB webspace is capable of catering to 25000 visitors each month.

Along with the essential WordPress features you get to enjoy the premium features. The premium feature includes:

  •  WordPress transfer by experts, 

  • SuperCacher, 

  • single-click staging, and 

  • on-demand backup.

c) GoGeek Plan:

If you want the best and powerful managed WordPress hosting, opt for GoGeek plan, it is available for just $11.95 each month. This plan can accommodate N number of websites in its 30 GB webspace

When you opt for GoGeek plan you avail both essential WordPress features and Premium WordPress features. 

Additionally, you get to enjoy the Geeky WordPress features as well.

The Geeky features include: 

  • the highest tier of server resource, 

  • pre-installed Git,

  •  white-label site management and 

  • property and responsive support.

3. Managed WooCommerce Hosting


Do you have a shopping website or you have a business that deals with products and services then the managed WooCommerce hosting from SiteGround is the ideal choice? 

You can use SiteGround Deals to avail of some additional discounts on your purchase. 

This type of hosting perfect to increase the overall sales of online businesses and brands.

a) Startup Plan:

The StartUp plan is available for just $3.95 each month. This plan works for only 1 website and the overall webspace is 10 GB. 

If you have a small business or a startup which can expect 10000 visitors each month, then it is the ideal manage WooCommerce hosting plan from SiteGround. 

Get access to all the essential WordPress features that include: 

  • WO auto-updates, 
  • unmetered traffic, 
  • Cloudflare CDN, 
  • migrator and lot more.

b) GrowBig Plan:

This plan works well for the business which is growing and is trying to make a mark for itself in the online world. 

The $5.95 monthly plan can accommodate unlimited websites in the 20 GB webspace. 

This plan works well if you have an average of 25000 monthly visitors

Apart from essential WordPress features, get access to premium features like: 

  • SuperCacher, 
  • single-click staging, 
  • WP transfer by experts and 
  • advanced backup.

c) GoGeek Plan: 

This one is an ideal and highly in demand SiteGround Woocommerce hosting plan where you can accommodate an unlimited number of websites. 

This plan works great for all the successful business websites, you just need to pay 

$11.95 each month for 30 GB webspace. The website will stay strong even if you have 100000 visitors each month. 

Under this plan, avail essential and premium WordPress features. Additionally, get access to Geeky WordPress features like: 

  • priority support, 

  • pre-installed Git,

  • the high tier of server resources and 

  • white-label site management.

4. Managed Cloud Hosting

If you have a growing business and want to take it to the next level then managed cloud hosting is highly recommended. 

Use the SiteGround Promo Code to avail exciting discounts while you renew the hosting or invest in a new hosting plan. 

The managed cloud hosting plan is divided into 4 plans. 

  • Entry Plan

  • Business Plan

  • Business Plus Plan

  • Super Power Plan

a) Entry Plan:

This plan of managed cloud hosting works really well for $80.00 each month. If you are a beginner, the entry plan is easy to start on the cloud. 

Under this plan, you can avail: 

  • 2 CPU cores, 

  • 4 GB of memory and 

  • 40 GB SSD space along with 5 TB data transfer options. 

b) Business Plan: 

The business plan of SiteGround managed cloud hosting offers you optimal cloud experience and is priced for just $120.00 each month

In this plan you?ll get access to: 

  • 3 powerful CPU cores and 

  • 6 GB of memory. 

Additionally, get 60 GB SSD space and 5 TB of data transfer for your business website. 

c) Business Plus Plan: 

This plan works like a charm for advances performance, an ideal choice for all the developed and well-established businesses. 

The plan is available for $160.00 each month where you get to: 

  • 4 CPU cores with 8 GB of memory and

  • 80 GB SSD space along with 5 TB data transfer. 

d) Super Power Plan: 

Last but not the least, this managed cloud hosting plan from SiteGround comes with premium server power where you need to pay $240.00 each month

The plan includes: 

  • access to 8 robust CPU cores 

  • 10 GB of memory space along with 120 GB of SSD space and 

  • 5 TB data transfer. 

5. Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting from SiteGround works really well for premium managed servers. 

With the help of dedicated hosting, you can manage and host your website on a powerful dedicated machine set up. 

The website is managed well by our team of expert professionals, we also ensure that all the data and information is safe. 

With this dedicated hosting we also provide highly innovative proprietary software, it will not only enhance the server performance but also will speed up the functionality. Just use the SiteGround Coupons 2020 and grab the best deals. 

a) Entry Server: 

This plan works well if you are a beginner to the dedicated hosting services. 

The price is available for $269.00, under this you get Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD and 3.20Ghz CPU Clock Speed. 

In addition to it, you get additional features like: 

  • 4 CPU Threads with 8 MB CPU cache and

  •  16GB DDR3 RAM. 

The 10 TB bandwidth can accommodate 480GB SSD. 

b) Power Server: 

This plan is available for $349.00 each month and provides with Intel Xeon E3-1270 SSD and 3.50Ghz CPU Clock Speed. 

In addition to it, you get: 

  • powder 4 CPU Cores, 

  • 8 CPU Threads, and 8MB CPU Cache along with 32GB DDR3 RAM and 10TB Bandwidth.

c) Super Power Server: 

This one fits all the needs of a big website preferable multinational business and brand websites. 

The SiteGround dedicated hosting is available for $ 729.00 each month.

You get 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630 SSD and 2.00Ghz CPU Clock Speed along with robust 2 x 6 CPU Cores and 2 x 12 CPU Threads. 

With this Super Power Server, you can avail:

  • 15 MB CPU Cache and 

  • 64GB DDR3 RAM apart from the 10 TB bandwidth.

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting Accounts: Shared web hosting is a best-suited plan for those who are individual users.

They get complete access to the single control panel provided to them for all the domains. 

WordPress Hosting: WordPress hosting is highly preferred by bloggers and startups to showcase their work and business.

Primary WordPress is used for the website and SiteGround provides credible hosting.

This type of hosting works well for Linus Server and the overall cost is comparatively less as compared to the regular shared hosting.

Now let?s discuss more these two types of hosting:

Shared hosting is the best option if you are owning a simple blog or two personal websites. 

This is the perfect option for new bloggers who have a single website. The user can make use of the cPanel which has shared hosting accounts.

You can make use of Add-on features to add a number of domains that you want to add any time. 

Whereas WordPress hosting very well optimizes the need for WordPress website and it can be shared as well as dedicated.

The overall performance of WordPress hosting is great and the security is also high.

The performance will differ based on the server which you are hosting as well as the company that you are selecting. 

When it is SiteGround, you can be assured about the performance. Don?t miss to use the SiteGround Promo Code for an amazing discount. 

In fact, with WordPress hosting, you can also access multiple platform-specific features that include: 

  • automatic WordPress updates,  
  • single click migration, 
  • responsive WordPress support and lot more.

The entire difference is about control. 

When it comes to shared hosting you can not resell the entire hosting space. 

Several hosts do not provide access to shared hosting plans to get multiple IP addresses, DNS, cPanel and SSL certification in each domain. 

If you have a flexible budget you can invest in managed WordPress hosting for the SiteGround.

 You can buy the best plan offered by SiteGround and at a discounted price. 

The WordPress hosting works well for a business that doesn?t have much experience in dealing with security and performance issues of the website.

The type of hosting depends on the website's needs. You can access the site and choose the best plan based on need and budget. 

While choosing for the hosting providers, opt for SiteGround hosting. It is not only the best choice but also is a cost-effective choice.

How To Grab SiteGround Coupon Code

To make the most of SiteGround Deals follow these step by step instructions. 

Step 1: Click on this unique link and after that you'll land on the SiteGround Page.

Step 2: Check out the active discount and choose the needful hosting packages based on your requirements. You can notice the details of each plan by clicking on "Get Plan Button". 

Step 3: Now register yourself on SiteGround for a new domain. In case you already own a domain, you can choose the domain and fill needful domain information. Once everything is done, tap on the Proceed button. 

Step 4: The last step is to create a SiteGround account. In case, you have an account, simply log in and fill the payment information to finish the purchase. ?

It offers year-round (24x7x365) support irrespective of timezone differences or holidays. 

SiteGround support services can be reached via phone, live chat or support ticket system.  

One can avail customer care support services within 10 minutes (immediate response for live chat) 

5 sec waiting period for phone; 10 mins for support tickets). 

SiteGround gets straight to business and does not believe in wasting its customer's valuable time. 

Technical queries and other forms of the query will be immediately be clarified by trained support staff.

So don?t hesitate to ask questions!

2. Helping with migration

For those of you who already have a blog or website, are you worried about losing all that you built up (the web design, the active community, the content published, the investments made, etc. 

Worry not for SiteGround can help you seamlessly move your entire website or blog with its free migration service.

Hence all your previous work and effort remains uncompromised and you can retain all that you had previously worked hard to build. 

In case you don?t know how to migrate your website or blog, worry not as SiteGround is a highly skilled technical team can help you with that!

3. Cashback guarantee

Perhaps you have not much of an idea about how SiteGround works or you may be new to using a web hosting service provider. 

Generally, other web hosting services may require an initial no-refund payment. This generally frightens many customers. SiteGround helps break that stigma with its 30 days cash back guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with SiteGround?s Hosting services, you can always claim your cashback. 

SiteGround strongly believes in satisfying the customer and it is confident that it is competent in delivering the best service to its customers.

4. High speed and top performance

SiteGround uses cutting edge technology to provide high-speed input and output operations and thus ensuring top performance.

Compared to other drives, Solid State Drive Technology increases input/output operations by 1000 times. 

Super cacher caching helps to optimize the blog or website and reduce page loading time.

Plus, SiteGround uses 4 high-speed servers to ensure the best performance. Moreover, you can avail excellent SiteGround Deals

5. Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN helps a website or blog reduce page loading time, bandwidth use and CPU usage. 

It also helps to avail the content to a variety of servers, so that even if one face an issue a CDN will ensure that the operation takes place via another server. 

A CDN increases security by ensuring that threats are blocked even before they reach the blog or website. 

It helps provide security against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. What is special about SiteGround is that it provides its customers with free Cloudflare CDN. 

6. Incredible server uptime

Server uptime refers to the time during which a server is operational, or active and functioning. 

This is measured in percentage (%). So if the server uptime is 99.9%, it means that the server is operational 99.9% of the time.

SiteGround uses advanced technology to ensure that its hosting services guarantee customers 99.9% server uptime, meaning that the website or blog will be operational all time (minus the 0.1%). 

Hence one never has to worry about their site going down if they are using GroundSite Hosting.

7. cPanel And SSH Access

cPanel is an application used in web hosting that allows the user to utilize automation and graphical interface tools to ease and simplify the process of hosting a blog or website. 

It was designed by cPanel, LLC. SSH Access stands for Secure Shell access. It is command-line access to a server.

Command-Line access helps overcome the limitations of cPanel and helps speed up certain operations during web hosting. 

It runs by employing text-based commands. It is generally utilized by advanced users and Linux users. 

8. Daily backups

Backups are very important because it helps to protect data from being lost. 

For a person who runs a website or blog, their content translates to effort, time and money. So to suddenly lose their content is the worst possible scenario.

Through backups, one can ensure that the data lost due to some malfunction can be restored. SiteGround ensures that daily backup occurs to prevent data loss and customer dissatisfaction. 

You can avail a lot more with SiteGround Promo Code. 

9. Free SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, meaning that it ensures that the communication between a browser and a server are encrypted.

This helps to ensure to visitors to the blog or site that the particular blog or site is legitimate. 

It also helps to ensure that sensitive information does not get stolen or hampered by hackers.

In the end, it is clear that SiteGround offers the best web hosting services in the world that rival all others in the same field. 

SiteGround Hosting services ensure high speed and quality performance. 

You do not need to worry about the technical expertise to run your site as SiteGround can help you with that. 

But if you do have the technical expertise but need the tools to do your own work, you can employ SiteGround?s developer-options and features. 

SiteGround is transparent to customers in the work that it does and also has an active community.

Common SiteGround Hosting FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. How to access cPanel?

The cPanel can be accessed from your User Area -> My Accounts tab -> Go to the cPanel button

If you want to access cPannel via the non-secure port, you need to untick the Access cPannel Securely option in the User Area -> My Accounts tab->Information and settings -> Access pannel.

The alternative way to access cPanel is by making use of the official URL

2. How can I change my details?

If you want to change your user area password and your account information (such as name, address), You have to

(i) Login to your User Area

(ii) Click on My Details which is at the top right corner of the page

(iii) Use the Change button to alter your information. And in case if you don?t remember the login details for your user area, then you can use the Password Lookup link.

3. Does SiteGround offer a free trial?

SiteGround does not offer a free trial account, but it offers 30 days money-back guarantee for all shared accounts and that makes it risk-free for you to try SiteGround?s services. 

You do not need to worry about the money which you have paid to SiteGround, it is a money-back guarantee so if you don?t want to continue you can get your money back.

4. How can I update the information in my SiteGround account?

It is advisable to keep your account information up to date. And you can update your information from your User Area, under the section of My Details which is situated in the top right corner of the page.

5. How to remove my credit card information from my account?

You can edit your credit card information in your User Area -> Billing -> Update Credit Cards.

6. What OS (Operating System) does SiteGround use and whether SiteGround uses windows servers?

SiteGround?s hosting solution uses Linux (CentOS) and SiteGround does not use any windows server.

7. Am I supposed to have more than one login for my cPanel?

Unfortunately, you are not supposed to have more than one login for your cPanel. This is the basic restriction of the cPanel. 

8. How to clear the cookies and caches on my mobile device?

For android devices,

(i) Navigate to the Home screen

(ii) Tap on the following in the same order

Browser -> Menu (designated by three dots) -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Clear cache -> OK -> Clear all cookie data -> OK

For iOS devices,

(i) Navigate to the Home screen

(ii) Tap on Settings

(iii) Scroll down to Safari

(iv) Tap on Clear History and Website Data

(v) Tap on Clear History and Data.

9. Why my website is showing ?this account has been suspended??

If your website is showing ?this account has been suspended? it indicates that your SiteGround hosting account has been suspended.

There are two reasons to cause this suspension.

One is your web hosting account has expired and another one is because of the policy violation (like a violation of Terms of Use or server resource overuse).

10. How to change the language for cPanel?

To change the language for your cPanel, navigate to the Advanced section and then select Change Language.

There you can choose the languages that are supported by cPanel,

Some of the SiteGround specific tools are not yet translated in all the available languages. In the above-mentioned case, the tool will be shown in English.

11. Is there any pin for SiteGround customers?

Yes, SiteGround offers you to set a security pin. Each customer will automatically get a 4 digit PIN code.

And it can be changed at any time from the My Details section in the user area.

12. How can I file a complaint?

The priority of the SiteGround is providing high-quality customer service,

If you are unsatisfied with the service of the SiteGround at any point you can file a complaint by contacting a support supervisor via live chat, ticket or phone.

13. Is it possible to change the cPanel package after purchasing?

No, you can not change the cPanel package after you purchased.

14. Will I lose my file if I did not renew my hosting account?

If you are not renewing your hosting account, a copy of your data will be kept for 7 days (maximum).

After the 7 days, the account and the copy of it will be terminated it means your files will not be on the server of SiteGround.

15. Does SiteGround use SSD disks?

Yes, all the hosting plans of SiteGrounds are running on SSD disks. Meanwhile, also check SiteGround coupons. 

16. What does the dedicated IP offer?

Dedicated IP is good for your business identity, which provides an alternative to access your website.

Like you can access your website by simply typing the dedicated IP instead of your domain name on the browser.

17. Does SiteGround host any adult content?

SiteGround servers will not host any adult content. According to the acceptable use policy, hosting adult content is prohibited in SiteGround?s server.

18. Can I change the ownership of my SiteGround account to another person?

The easiest way to change the ownership of the account is to simply change the contact information.

You can change your contact information in the User Area -> My details, you will find this at the top of the page.

19. How can I get my referral link for inviting others?

You can find your referral link in your User Area -> Referral Program section.

There you will get your unique referral link and you can use that link to inviting others.

20. Can I get free hosting from SiteGround?

Each and every time when you are recommending the SiteGround services to someone and if they signup for an account (by using your unique referral link)

then you will get free hosting (according to your account type).

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked this post and If you have any query related to SiteGround Coupon Code or any coupon is not working so you can send us an email so we can confirm from our side.

Last Call: Grab Your SiteGround Hosting Now!

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